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About Us

The Orthodox Catholic Church
is a Christian fellowship of clergy and laity whose core value is to give expression to life in the divine. Our name reflects the merging of Eastern and Western lines of apostolic succession in our Christian heritage. The Church maintains that all Christians share in the priesthood of Christ.

The Orthodox Catholic Church holds the Holy Scriptures and the traditions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as means by which the teachings of the Christ have been handed down to his followers and as the recording of the faith journey of the Church. Our members are free to interpret creeds, scriptures and traditions.

The offices of bishops, priests and deacons within the Church exist for the service of the faithful in providing them with spiritual guidance and support, as well as in the celebration of the liturgy and the sacraments and other functions pertaining to those ordained to holy orders. Holy orders are open to both women and men.

All those who sincerely wish to join the Church as followers of the Christ are welcome to share and participate fully in our liturgies, sacraments and other expressions of our mystical union with God.

The seven sacraments are offered to those who wish to receive them. The Eucharistic liturgy is celebrated in various ancient and modern rituals. In addition to the preceding, contemplative prayer, meditation, spiritual healing, teaching and counseling form an integral part of the life of our congregations and members.

The church seeks to be a witness and enabler of community growth in love of God, all humankind and creation in its life of worship and the public endeavors in which its members are called to give service.

We recognize the validity of other religious traditions and firmly believe that we can learn and grow more fully by understanding and respecting their teachings.

We believe that God's revelation, in addition to being present in the public life of the church, also hasĀ  a personal or individual aspect. We thus believe that understanding the divine comes not only from concepts and public revelation, but also from our personal encounter with God through prayer and meditation. We strive to form a community of faith with love, devotion and abandonment to God as our foundation.

For information, call or write:
The Orthodox Catholic Church
U.S. Chancery Office
10401 N. Lamar D 105
Austin, Texas 78753
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